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Sometimes an organization needs to bring its staff's communication techniques up to speed. Private in-house seminars, customized to your industry's requirements, are a great way to accomplish this.

Affordable half-day, full-day, after-hours or lunch-n-learn classes, taught by this accredited instructor, will cover it all – from writing and editing basics, to brand imaging and persuasive writing techniques, to organizational teamwork in pulling together a multi-page report.

Among many other things, course participants will learn: Whether your staff members are composing a plain email message or a complex sales package, an op ed article or a company blog, a backgrounder white paper or an up-front RFP, ensure that they have the right writing tools for the job. Give Leslie Smith at Just Write a call.

Leslie C. Smith is owner/operator of Just Write, Toronto, and teaches a variety of creative and corporate writing courses at the University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies. Click here to contact her for further information.

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