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This pen is for hire.

My fees vary. Depending on the type of writing you require and the amount of work involved, I charge on a per-word, hourly, daily or per-project basis. Discounts are sometimes offered for charity and other not-for-profit work. Contact me to enquire about a specific job.

This blue pencil is for hire.

Editing is an important part of the craft: It takes years to hone the skills necessary to perfect a piece of copy, and I've put in my time. For a seamless read that imparts just the "write" message, consider me your wordSmith.

This brain is for hire

I've got a whole lot of writerly experience crammed into my head, and I'm adept at imparting it to others. Whether you need corporate lunch-n-learn, half-day or full-day workshops, or a complete series of seminars to brush up your staff's communications techniques, I'm here for you.

Give me a call. I won't bite.

Honest. But I will promise you slick, professional work delivered on time, on budget, and just the way you want it. If you have any questions regarding previously published pieces or my availability for future assignments, please feel free to contact me at