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The departmental report that just isn't coming together. The industry article or executive summary no one has time to write up. Web content and direct mail pieces whose language seems laboured and confusing.... Why not let a professional communicator get your communications back on the right track?

When You Want it Right – Leslie Smith is Just Write

Selected Corporate Samples:

Client:Jamieson Labs
Product:Carton Copy - Swiss Clinic
USP:A new line of scientifically enhanced beauty products designed to mimic the results of surgical procedures
Background:The client asked for carton copy that would impact on females 40+ at the retail shelf level for a series of six
separate products requiring stand-alone presence under the Swiss Clinic umbrella.


RX Lift & Renew – Instant Lifting System is a revolutionary three-step program developed by our clinicians as a holistic alternative to costly and invasive surgical techniques.

Each product is formulated with innovative anti-aging skincare, nutrients and technology to firm, tighten and protect right down to the cellular level. All three formulas work together to improve skin from without and within, delivering viable results with lasting benefits. Your skin is left firmer, smoother and "lifted" with a glow and radiance that will have your friends wondering "Did you...?"

RX Lift & Renew – Instant Lifting System is a three-step program formulated to give skin a firmer, more youthful appearance. The smoothing, firming and protecting treatments are designed to work in synergy to revitalize not just the outside but the inside as well.

Our revolutionary new system features HelioCutin, a proprietary complex exclusive to Swiss Clinic™ , which delivers protection from UVA photodamage and photoaging to the skin's cells through microscopic nanosome technology. Supported by a Firming Serum made from Hexapeptide-3 botanical extracts plus powerful antioxidant Alpha Lipoic Acids and anti-inflammatory Omega 3 oral supplement capsules, RX Lift & Renew System offers immediately seen results, with lasting anti-aging benefits.

Product:Web Content - dotfusion
USP:Leading e-marketers with cutting-edge internet advertising and promotional solutions
Media:Website & Brochure
Background:The client requested a series of case studies written up in ad format that would promote his firm's ability to deliver measurable results to customers


You Gotta Love It!

The Project
St. Vital Centre, a regional destination shopping center in Winnipeg, wanted to drive more traffic to their website during that all-important pre-Xmas retail season. They also wanted to grow their database, reward customer loyalty, and generate increased gift certificate sales.

So Dotfusion helped create the Kiss Contest, promoted via traditional advertising, including direct mail and in-mall signage in conjunction with a contest feature set smack dab in the middle of the website's home page.

All media had the same message: Log on to to register for a personalized game number and be entered to win great prizes. The creative tie-in to the kiss was an advertising extra, subliminally signalling heartfelt customer appreciation.

Client: Canadian Parks & Recreation Association
Project:Relevant Recreation (2006, Deb Comfort) A 210-page book and toolkit designed to help recreation professionals achieve significant social impact through selected tools and techniques
Background:JustWrite was hired to do an extensive edit, including much rewriting, of a book and toolkit for use by parks professionals. The author said she was so happy with the results, she actually cried.

While outcomes are by definition simply what comes out of an activity, the same outcomes will be valued differently depending on who is doing the perceiving. For example:
Different viewpoints, however, can sometimes lead to the same conclusion; they may even give you a clearer understanding of how your services can achieve their overall objectives.

In defining your organization's desired outcomes, one perspective would be the "top down" approach. Simply look at its vision, its mission statement. This gives the backdrop to the recreation services to be provided. It is known as the "top down" approach because you start with overall objectives, beliefs and values, and then derive the desired outcomes from them.

Of course, in order to achieve total success, the outcomes desired by the organization are not enough. The outcomes desired by stakeholders and participants also come into play. A truly successful program begins by marrying the desired outcomes of the organization with the desired outcomes of the stakeholders and participants.

Client: ABOND Homes, Above & Beyond
Project: Website
Background: The client was looking to build a site that went "above & beyond" most builders' websites - one that uses emotional resonance to connect with buyers of luxury custom homes.

Abond Website